Electronics Machine

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Electronics Machine (EM)

JonJu Tech Ltd (JJ): the legal entity that owns the Electronics Machine (EM). JJ and EM are synonomous throughout this document.
Electronics Machine (EM): the website that provides the services offered through the EM.
Client: the person/s or company paying for a design to be realised using the EM, or any person/s or company that uses the EM site for any purpose whatsoever.
Manufacturer: third party company that manufactures the designs realised by the EM
TC: these terms and conditions.
site: the EM.
Pronouns: masculine personal pronouns are used throughout the TCs, but they are deemed to cover both sexes.
Specification Acceptance: This is the action that a Client takes on the Specification page of the EM to approve documents (including this one).

The EM is an online system throught which Clients may design bespoke electronic circuits and have them made. The EM website is run and maintained by JJ, a limited company registered in England and Wales [Company number 5912002] with registered office at 7 Bournemouth Rd, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3DA. JJ's VAT registered number is 896748935.

The EM is provided for by JJ that may be contacted through [email protected]

Rights of Use and Access
When any Client uses the EM he is automatically bound by the TCs. The Client is only given a temporary right to use the site only in strict accordance with the TCs, and for his personal use only. This right may be withdrawn without notice by JJ, and no liability exists if the EM is unavailable at any time or for any period.

If the Client either specifies his own password, or any indentificaiton code, or is given such by JJ/EM, he must treat as confidential and not disclose it to anybody else.

Contributions and Uploading of Material to the Website
Any persons uploading information, or communicating in any whatsoever through the site, must comply with the standards and conditions set out in the Acceptable Use Policy section of this document.

JJ reserves the right to disclose the identity of a Client to anybody claiming that that Client has infringed intellectual property rights by uploading whatever material to the EM. JJ also reserves the right to remove any content from the EM that does not comply with the contents standards set out in the Acceptable Use Policy section of this document.

Reliance on Information Posted
Every effort is made to ensure that information posted on the site is accurate, but it is not possible to guarantee this. JJ will not take responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any information that transpires to be wrong or inaccurate, and liability for any loss, direct or consequential, will not be accepted by JJ. The TC are an exception to this clause.

Intellectual Property
JJ owns all rights to the EM. In particular, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, videos, text, images, or software used to operate the site, are the property of JJ.

Client's are not permitted, without written permission from JJ, to licence any parts of the site to someone else, modify, copy, sell or download or use any part of the site for his commercial purposes. The designs produced by the site may be sold for commercial gain without reference to JJ.

Data Protection
The EM collects and processes information about its Clients, particularly post Specification Acceptance. This information is collected via the Privacy Policy, which is available from a link in the footer of the Home page of the EM. By approving this document, Clients are agreeing to the collection of this data.

Cancellation and Returns Policy
Important note
The EM gives no assurance that an EM designed product will work in a client's application. The specification against which a product designed by the EM may be judged, is its EM Technical Specification. It is the clients' responsibility to confirm that the EM design will suffice for whatever their application.

One service and one product are available via the EM: design and manufacture of a prototype/s. These are treated separately below:

  • Design 
    • The EM takes no responsibility for orders with issues that have been designed by the EM but manufactured by a third party. The EM will be proactive if it deems there may be faults with the associated design, but no obligation whatsoever is accepted for such instances. No monetary refunds will be issued under this condition 
    • If the EM designed and supplied/manufactured a product with issues with regard to the EM Technical Specification, the EM will seek to rectify such as promptly as possible. If it is either not feasible or commercially impractical to correct the same, the EM will cancel the order and return monies paid to the client. Providing less than ten prototypes were ordered (limited by EM), the number of prototypes ordered by the client will be replaced by units with the design correction made for the original fee. The client has the option to cancel an order and have all monies paid returned under this circumstance of this clause.
    • If a design service only is ordered and issues exist between the performance stated in the EM Technical Specification, the EM will seek to correct these and issue updated design files to the client, providing it is practical and economic to do so. Both parties have the option to cancel an order under the circumstances of this clause, and monies originally paid will be returned by the EM.
  • Manufacture
    • a parts and manufacturing workmanship warranty exists for 6 months following delivery of manufatured prototypes. 
    • no warranty whatsoever exists for prototypes not manufactured under the EM's auspice.

Links to Other Websites
All third party sites and data are provided for the purpose of providing information only. No responsibility for the quality of third party content is accepted by JJ. Responsibility for loss, consequential or otherwise, is accepted by JJ for material from third party sites. 

JJ reserves the right to prevent or veto links being made to the EM by Clients should JJ consider said sites inappropriate.

Viruses, Hacking and Other Offences
The EM must not be used by the Client, either directly or indirectly, for any purpose that is illegal or morally reprehensible. Introducing viruses, trojans, or other material that is either malicious or technically harmful, is not permitted by JJ. Unauthorised access of any kind is not permitted. Any such actions may constitute an offence under the Computer Misuse Act, 1990. Detection of any such action by a Client may result in JJ making a report to the authorities.

These TCs may change over time without notification. It is the Client's responsibility to check them before each purchase. Clients are automatically bound by these regulations even if they have checked the box to approve them but not actually read the latest issue.

Disclaimer and Liability
With the exception of this document:

  • All information provided on the EM site is provided on an 'as is' basis. JJ accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of such information.
  • JJ given no express warranty in respect of any use of the site and its content, with the exception of a parts and labour warranty for one year on manufactured parts. There is no warranty given for design.
  • JJ accepts no responsibility for any loss, direct or consequential, that a Client may incur as a result of using the EM.
  • Any reliance on the content of the material in the EM is taken solely at the Client's risk.
  • If an order is received for a product that transpires to be impractical to design or manufacture within the bounds of the funds received, the EM reserves the right to cancel such an order and the return monies paid to the client.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law
This document is only subject to the laws of England. Any dispute arising in another country will require resolution through English courts.

Any concerns can be raised with JJ through the following email: [email protected]

Acceptable Use Policy

Prohibited uses: the EM can only be used for lawful purposes, and doing any of the following constitute a breach of the TCs: breach any local, national or international law or regulation; take part in unlawful or fraudulent activity; harm or attempt to harm those under the age of minority; send, knowingly receive, upload, download, use or reuse any material that doesn't comply with the site's content standards; transmit unrequested or unauthorised advertising (spam); transmit any data containing harmful viruses or trojans or other harmful programs that may damage computer software or hardware; reproduce, copy or re-sell any content of the site other than the legally purchased design or manufacturing from the same; access, damage or disrupt any part of the EM, or any equipment, network or software connected to the site.

Interactive services: there are interactive services on the EM (mainly the chatline) that have the following safeguards to protect minors from abuse: the chatline is periodically audited to confirm it hasn't been used for inappropriate communication; all staff of JJ fulfilling the role of chatline host are given training; should anything suspicious be detected the the responsible adult noticing should contact the moderator at JJ ([email protected]); adults must use their own discretion with regard to permitting use of the EM by minors (may be relevant for educational purposes).

Content standards: It is required, as far as reasonably possibe, that all communications with the EM are accurate, genuine and compliant with English law and the law of the land from which such messages emanate. Any contribution or communication with EM must not: contain obscene, offensive hateful or inflammatory material, or defamatory information that unlawfully damages someone's reputation; promote violence or sexually explicit material; promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or disability; infringe intellectual property rights; threaten abuse, harass, upset, embarass, alarm or annoy anyone; misrepresent someone's identity; give assistance with committing an unlawful act.

Suspension and termination: should this contract be breached JJ has the right to do any or all of the following: implementing an immediate temporary or permanent withdrawal of the Client's right to use the site; remover any material from the site directly or indirectly relevant; issue a warning to the Client; commence legal proceedings to cover whatever losses may have resulted from the breach; if appropriate, disclose details of the breach to a law enforcement agency

Changes to the Acceptable Use Policy:

Contact and concerns: any concerns relating to the EM or its use can be addressed to: [email protected]