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How to use the EM tool
Design and manufacture your PCB.
A rapid, low cost, intuitive prototyping-tool for creating and manufacturing bespoke PCBAs.
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Effective Electronics Product Development (EPD) is about fast prototyping, Design your electronics on a PCB of the size and shape you want in minutes with a simple 'click and drop' interface. Days later have your working PCB on your desk with all the design and manufacturing information/files needed to support/modify it. Learn more by listening to the 'How to use video', or begin by clicking the 'Get Started' button or 'Take me to the EM' button below.
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How can we help you?

Maybe you just want to design your electronics product in minutes, or perhaps you've done that and just need to get the design manufactured. 
I need to design/manufacture
my PCB.
  • Drag and drop controllers, interfaces and power modules in seconds
  • Only compatible modules can be selected
  • Free commercial specification (payback analysis)
  • Free technical specification
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I have a design.
I need a prototype.
  • Get prototypes manufactured quickly
  • Get quotes and scale to volume with ease
  • Seamless and simple ordering process
  • Skilled advice available
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Not found a Module? Use the Joker
  • Select the Joker module in among your interfaces and you can add any feature/transducer you like.
  • Enter some details of your key chip/sensor in the text box accompanying selection of the Joker
  • Leave the rest to EM
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How does the EM work?

It will typically take less than five minutes to go from picking your requirements to launching the manufacture of your prototypes. The chart below illustrates this straightforward process.

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